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Growing Brands with Purpose

We help conscientious leaders and their organizations clarify, communicate, and actuate their noble purpose to attract, inspire, and engage their audience, fostering healthy communities, connections, and contributions. 

Know it. Live it. Share it.


New Book: Brand Evangelism 

A practical guide to help conscientious leaders and their teams:

  • Clarify, communicate, and live out your noble purpose.
  • Increase productivity, innovation, engagement, and profitability.
  • Build trust, consistency, continuity, and community. 
  • Increase self-esteem, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.
  • Reduce stress, confusion, conflict, and the costs associated with them.
  • And most importantly, grow themselves and their brand. 
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Clarify Your Noble Purpose

If your organization lacks a compelling purpose or is struggling with its, “why”, we can help. We have a roadmap to help you and your organization get clear about what problem you are solving in the world and start integrating it into all facets of your brand identity.  

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Communicate  Consistently

Communicating your purpose is an important part of building your community, your tribe. We can help you develop communication strategy that will speak both to internal and external stakeholders, giving everyone a clear vision of desired impact and goals. 

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Connection and Call to Action

Give your people a reason to love you, be faithful to you and freely give of their time, treasures and talents. Increase the contribution you are making, then invite them to contribute to your community. We can help design a powerful engagement strategy.


  • Clarity of purpose
  • Crucial communication skills
  • Covenant partnerships


  • Organizational alignment 
  • Fostering a healthy culture
  • Stakeholder engagement 

Online Courses

We are just beginning to roll out our online courses to help conscientious leaders build their brand and community.

Brand loyalty

Build Brand Loyalty

87% of customers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

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Increase Engagement

73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

attract great talent

Attract Great Talent

86% of new hires believe that it is important that their employer is responsible to society and environment.

employee productivity

Increase Productivity

"Inspired" employees generate 225% of the productivity that employees who are "satisfied" do.


Increase Profitability

In the past 3 years purpose led companies saw a 83% profit increase where non-purpose led companies had a 43% decrease.


< Sustainability >

Several long-term studies found high-sustainability firms outperformed low-sustainability ones by almost 5% per year.

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5 Keys to the Future of Building Brand Loyalty, Engagement, and Profitability - Written by Tim Salmonson

This eBook is one of Time Salmonson's most popular publications available 
as a free download.

  • How to Get Clear About Your Noble Cause: Your Why
  • How to Connect with Your Audience: Build Your Tribe
  • How to Build a Trusted Brand: Impact and Influence


What People Are Saying

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Elizabeth Goodchild

Owner of Goodchild Homes

We are grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Tim and his team to align ourselves with a noble cause, build a home for a needy family and have a compelling story to share. 

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Michael Rutter

COO, Bright Hope

Tim helped us make it possible to share our story with thousands of people and
raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause of anti-human trafficking.

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Larae Stevens

Charlevoix Venetian Festival

Thanks to Social Economic Enterprises, we have gone from being a local event to being recognized in USA Today as one of the “Top 5 Festivals in North America.”

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Social Economics is all about relationships; "building trust through the investments made in people and the planet." We know that to make an significant impact in the world, we must do it together. We would love to connect with you, hear your story, answer questions, address your challenges and just get to know you. 

Let's Connect!

Please let us know if we can help you in any way. 

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